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Ten Amazing Benefits of Eating Fat

You gotta love fat. They include delicious foods in their own right—almonds, bacon, avocados, salmon, olives, meat, macadamia nuts, eggs, cheese, chocolate—and fats that make already tasty foods a little more flavorful—butter, cream, olive oil, coco... read more


Here we go! There are waaaay too many of you guys and girls hogging the gym mirrors. Some of you are not even training, just taking “selfies” for facebook. well, here it is. You have chance to have the ULTIMATE  gym selfie taken, You, NAKED i... read more

Blake Beckford – a unique transformation

Blake came to Ep gym early in 2013, not long after we had opened, he soon became one of our regular members and a familiar face at the gym. Over 2013 Blake would be very dedicated to his training but kept having set backs every couple of months, this set ... read more

Minette Kempsell – BNBF Figure Champion

Minnete Kempsell joined EP sometime in January 2013, with one goal in mind, to get into shape. Who would of thought that this girl would run away with training and be so dedicated that in only a few months she competed and become the BNBF Figure Champion ... read more

Want to lose weight? Just eat less!

A calorie is a calorie is a calorie, right? If you want to lose weight, just eating less will get you there! And eating even LESS than that will help you get there even faster! This prevailing attitude is responsible for people all over the country being ... read more

One plan will work for every woman

One plan will work for every woman You might be out shopping for that ‘master workout plan’ that works for everyone. You might read 10 different books on diet, each presenting a contrasting style that promises amazing results. You might have read our ... read more


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