Blake Beckford – A unique transformation

Blake came to Ep gym early in 2013, not long after we had opened, he soon became one of our regular members and a familiar face at the gym.

Over 2013 Blake would be very dedicated to his training but kept having set backs every couple of months, this set back was because of ulcerative colitis a very disabling bowel disorder where he would be bed bound and unable to eat and drink for a weeks, then have to get back to the gym and rebuild his strength and training.

Later on in 2013 Blake had a massive set back when his condition got so bad they doctors decided to undergo surgery to remove his colon and wear an ileostomy bag.

After spending a lot of time in hospital and recovering at home Blake finally made it back to the gym in early 2014 and was almost unrecognisable from the amount of muscle and weight he had lost. He started the long process of building back up his physique. As the months went on Blake never missed his training and religiously stuck to his diet with more determination than ever to get him in the best shape he had ever been in!. This is when he decide to go on a photo shoot with Mat Marsh, at this photo shoot Mat could not believe the condition of Blake and this got the ball rolling for a article in Mens Fitness uk magazine. Blake is now training to entering the Miami Pro Body building competition. To read more of his story and follow him here:



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