Get Naked 2015 – Charity Calendar

  • September 29, 2014

Here we go! There are waaaay too many of you guys and girls hogging the gym mirrors. Some of you are not even training, just taking "selfies" for facebook. well, here it is.

You have the chance to have the ULTIMATE gym selfie taken, You, NAKED in the gym to help fight cancer. This year we are looking to put together a 2015 calendar, of willing EP members to sell and raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Obviously there are 12 spaces available, some of you can join forces if your too shy! 😛 but there are a couple of obvious rules.

  1. Gents. Your man bits, however big or small, will be hidden and will not be seen on the calendar - we suggest you use a sock
  2. Ladies, no men will be in the gym when your photo is taken. Your bottom bits and lady lumps will be covered.
  3. You MUST promote the absolute hell out of this, facebook, twitter, everyone and everywhere!

So, you've spent hours, weeks, months and maybe even years in the gym to create a awesome body, now show it off and help provide support to those suffering or who have suffered from this terrible disease! Speak to a member of staff today, facebook, email. Whatever it takes.

Closing date for entries. MONDAY 13TH OCTOBER!

We are a source of support, helping with all the things that people affected by cancer want and need. It's not only patients who live with cancer, we also help carers, families and communities.
We fund nurses and other specialist health care professionals and build cancer care centres. But we give so much more than medical help.

People need practical support at home, so we provide anything from some precious time off for a carer, to a lift to hospital. People need emotional support, so we listen, advise and share information through our cancer support specialists, website and trained professionals. People need financial help to cope with the extra costs cancer can bring, so we give benefits advice, and grants for anything from heating bills to travel costs. Together we listen, we learn, we act to help people live with cancer.

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